Space Mantis: The Myth, the Legend, The Podcast

A team of intergalactic efficiency experts comb the galaxy looking to bring order to the chaos of the universe! Or at least they were… until their very famous show was suddenly canceled. But, good news—a mysterious Narrator is delivering hope to the fandom in the form of a new podcast!

For legal reasons, she can’t air the totally real and legitimate Space Mantis DVDs she found in a box on her doorstep. But releasing the audio is cool, right? Probably…

So, if you're a Mandie who misses the daring adventures of Captain Joe, Doctor Angela, and the rest of the ragtag crew (or you’re a fan of sci-fi/fantasy podcasts) fear no longer—the Space Mantis is on its way!

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Season One is Complete! A huge thank you to all of the cast and our listeners!

After several years of big dreams and many dedicated actors and crew bringing this vision to life, the Space Mantis has finally arrived returned.

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Space Mantis in Deep Space

Meet the Crew

Every good space opera needs its heroes. The Space Mantis has been inhabited by a number of visitors, hitchhikers, unwanted guests, and would-be tyrants. These are the six brave efficiency experts that call the ship home.

Click the images to learn more about the voice talent for this podcast. If there was voice talent. Which there isn’t, because Space Mantis is a real show that totally aired and was really canceled. You remember that all happened, right?