Space Mantis is a sci-fi/fantasy podcast with talent representing three continents and four nations. We are truly an international crew. While—of course—Space Mantis is a real TV show that was really canceled (wink, wink), we are in awe of the fabulous team that has brought this vision to life.

Voice Talent:

Jennifer Flath

Jennifer Flath - Washington State, U.S.


I have a self-published fantasy series that I adore on Amazon and Smashwords that starts with The Black Pearl. I also have a few short stories officially floating around.

The Black Pearl Facebook (if Facebook still exists when you read this, that is)

"I love how high drama Narrator is. She’s exhausting, but she’d be 100% more fun to hang out with than I am!"


Ryan Watt — California, USA


Ryan is a writer, photographer, and pun maker. Ryan’s loves the stories we tell each other, and weaves myths, folklore, and oral storytelling into his writing. You’ll find his work wherever fine literature is sold… once someone tells Ryan where that is.

"Playing Zed gives me a chance to explore sides of myself I didn’t know I had. Not only in terms of trying voice acting, but also his character. Zed feels both like me and like the person I would be if things had gone differently to me. I know him, and I have no idea what makes him tick and I’m always surprised to find out new things about us when I record."

Tiffany Meuret

Tiffany Meuret — Phoenix, AZ

Doctor Angela

  • A Flood of Posies from Tiffany Meuret is coming early 2021.
  • Other things too, but they can't be mentioned yet!

"Voicing Angela was a blast. I came in late to the project, but it felt like fate as Angela is the character I would have chosen had I had my pick of the bunch. She's kind of mean, but also competent as hell and never lets her personal feelings get in the way of caring for her patients. I loved every second of being inside her head."

Aden Ng

Aden Ng — Singapore


  • Author of "The Chronicles of Tearha" and "A Bunch of Carbon"
  • Creator of Box Dungeon

"Marcus is the complete opposite of who I am in real life, which was just an interesting experience. Always fun to look at what might be, especially if what might be included living a life of ridiculous space adventures."

Kathy Joy

Kathy Joy — UK


Production Crew:

Owl Spencer

Owl Spencer — USA

Logistical and Mixing Lead, Press, Music Support

"I’m definitely excited to be a part of the Space Mantis crew. Putting together the episodes is a great way to for me to unwind. Laura and the rest of the gang have such fun material to work with. I find myself grinning from ear to ear as I edit!"

J.A. — U.S.

Captain Joe, Webmaster, Music, Logistical and Mixing Support

  • Writer and Creator of Random Things

"This was just the most-fun kind of opportunity to work on a multifaceted creative project. It's a sandbox where the limits are our imaginations and the more work we put into it, the more rewarding and expansive that sandbox becomes."


Laura Morrison

Laura Morrison — U.S.

Bernice, Writer and Visionary of the Space Mantis!

I’m the author of the young adult fantasy series The Chronicles of Fritillary, the sci fi novel Grimbargo, and the fantasy realism novella Come Back to the Swamp (which was where the idea for Space Mantis was born). I also have short stories in the anthologies A Midnight Clear, Dead of Winter, and The Future Will be Written by Robots.

"I have loved the process of making Space Mantis, and I’m so excited to get moving on Season 2. Working with everyone involved in this project and seeing it unfold has been so rewarding. With a team as creative and fun as this one, there are so many ideas that take shape and add layer after layer to this world that was initially just a little side-plot in my novella, Come Back to the Swamp. I’m endlessly thankful for everyone who sunk so much effort and energy into this, and equally thankful to all the listeners."

Supporting Roles:

Nadia Hasan -- Celia

Sam Hooker -- Braithwiate

Lindy Ryan -- Pearl

Brian Kirchner -- Kenneth

Geologist and college professor by training, married 25 years and counting. I enjoy music, jigsaw puzzles, walking, and road trips.

  • Author of The Syrian Drummer and the Cactus Crimson Paint (winner of the 2017 Story Shares Grand Prize), Manzanar, and Tania’s Palace, a three-book series for middle-and high schoolers.
  • On The Bridge, a novel of mystical realism focused on spiritual redemption and intercultural reconciliation.

Will Morrison -- Mr. Infiniti

Sital Patel -- Teacher

Nate Ragolia -- Frankie

Chuck VanZee -- Merl and Nathaniel

Rachael Waters -- Captain Feelix